In a few short days I will be in the City of Love, in love! It’s been a busy few days even though it is only Tuesday. The weekend was spent shopping and cleaning and more shopping and more cleaning. On Saturday we head out. We are leaving our cats in the trusty hands of a friend who is staying over and taking care of the house while we are away. Our flight leaves at 2, then we land in Chicago at 3 and head out to Paris at 6. When we land it will be Sunday, after 2 am our time. We have a fabulous apartment, 1 block from the Louvre. Once we arrive and dump our bags we have to make it to the grocery store before they close. I think our plan for Sunday is to take a walk, see some of the city but probably head back to the apartment early. I know we’ll both be exhausted. I rarely sleep on a plane.

Our ‘plan’ is to not really have a plan. Just see what we can, relax, enjoy the city and take pictures. I am meeting up with a friend I have corresponded with for years (we started out as MYSPACE friends if you can believe it) but other than that…just enjoy the city. We leave on the 7th (Friday) and head to Brugge, Belgium via the Thalys high speed train. We have a really cute hotel there, just a few steps off the main Markt (and the Christmas market!) I’ll be catching up with family and friends, Angie will be meeting some family and friends. It should be a nice relaxing 9 days in Belgium. The whole point of this trip is to relax. We both need it. Angie has a stressful job working odd hours. I’ve had a stressful year just dealing with my step-dads sickness and his passing away.

Saturday can’t come soon enough…


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