I have a rough itinerary for my trip in July! As my followers know I am not really a fan of itineraries but this at least just tells us where we are staying and what to see in each city! Just a little over 2 months to go and I am ridiculously excited about it! I leave St Louis on July 17 and arrive in Brussels, Belgium on the 18th. We start our epic journey to Italy on the 20th. We will be staying in Gex, France that night. The next morning we drive the 5 or so hours to Pisa, Italy. We are staying in Pisa and on the 21-24th we’ll be there. So really only 2 full days but we’ll arrive pretty early on the 21st.

So that is the stickler. From Pisa where do you go if you only have 2 full days? Is 2 cities in one day too much if we start early? I know that Volterra is definite. My mom aches to go there and we just have to go! I was thinking Siena too. Are there any other hilltop cities that we’d only need half a day in? I know our evenings will be spent in Pisa. We will have a 3 year old with us so we can’t spend our nights all over Italy (as much as I’d like that!). But at least I’ll see Pisa during the sunset. Looking at google images it looks stunning! Any recommendations? I’ve been all over Trip Advisor and other travel sites looking up restaurants in the Pisa area. We will have a kitchen at the B&B there but I know we’ll at least go out to dinner or have a big lunch somewhere. Are there any ‘must eat’ places?

The day we leave we are driving from Pisa to Lucens, Switzerland to stay in what will probably be an absolutely beautiful bed and breakfast. If you google Lucens and B&B’s I’m sure you’ll figure out where we are staying. Lucens looks gorgeous! Switzerland as a whole just seems incredible. Angie is going to let me use her camera and is hoping to buy a new lens for it. She is also letting me use her Lensbaby. I’m glad I have 2 months to learn how to use that.

Gex, France (close to the Swiss border into Geneva)
Pisa, Italy (and surrounding hilltop towns)
Lucens, Switzerland

Any recommendations for those areas? Leave it in the comments! I love hearing from my readers. I, of course, will do my own research. It is what I am the best at. But I love personal stories.

This entry is kind of all over the place but its Friday, allergies are a bitch, the weather is dreary and I can’t stop dreaming of Italy…