2012 Review

I’m a bit late to the party but I decided to do a recap of some of my favorite albums and/or artists of 2012.  I know a lot of bloggers do this as well but I don’t care. It’ll be fun. Some of these albums may have come out in 2011, 2010, I don’t know. I am just going by the first time I heard the music.

Her album actually came out in November of 2011. I first heard her cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” sometime in the spring of 2012 and I was blown away. I quickly downloaded her entire album and listened to it on a loop. For 16 years old she has quite a voice on her that just rips right through your heart if you’re in the right mood. Her self-titled album is made up of covers aside from one song. My favorite cover is easily “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” first brought to us by The Postal Service. She has yet to come to St Louis or anywhere near but I hope that she will gain some momentum here in the States and do a full tour. I also can’t wait for her to release an album of all original songs. I hope she has a long career ahead of her.
Best Tracks
People Help the People
Comforting Sounds
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Ellie Goulding

Ellie was my saving grace in 2012 thanks to her first album “Lights” and then her new album “Halcyon”. Her song “Lights” became a huge hit in the US. I had previously heard some of her music a couple of years ago but I don’t know what place I was at in my head to think that I wasn’t into her. I gave it another go sometime last year and within days bought her album. I impatiently waited for her new album and I was not disappointed in the least. The first time I heard “Hanging On” it gave me chills and the rest of her album measured up. Its hard for me to tell you what my favorite track is from the album other than “Hanging On” so all I can say is listen to it and enjoy it. Her voice sure is something else. I try as hard as I can to get my voice that high but it just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t stop me from trying in my car though! Sadly, as of right now, I don’t have the money to go to her show this month in St Louis but I know that Ellie has a very long career ahead of her so this won’t be the last time she tours. But hey, Ellie, if you or your people read this, feel like sending some tickets my way for my fiance and I?

Best Tracks
Figure 8
Hanging On

Emeli Sande

I had no idea who Emeli was until I was in Belgium and there were advertisements for her CD and I would hear her music drifting out of shops on the square. Angie and I went into Fnac (a sort of Barnes and Noble store for Europe) and on a whim I bought her CD. It finally left my CD player in my car last night after a few weeks of listening. I first heard “Read All About It Pt III” and it is easily the best song on her album although the rest of it is pretty amazing as well. She has quite a voice and a lot of songs that make you want to get up and dance. She did a cover of “Imagine” which I really love.

Best Tracks
Read All About It Pt III

The Hunger Games Soundtrack

Yes, I am a fan of the books and the movie but I am really a fan of the soundtrack. In one word-Amazing. The soundtrack includes Kid Cudi, The Civil Wars, Arcade Fire, and Birdy so really, how can it not be incredible? I’m not even a Taylor Swift fan by any means but the 2 songs that she wrote for the album are great. If you’ve read the books and you’ve watched the movie you would know that this soundtrack is absolutely perfect for it. “Kingdom Come” by The Civil Wars is absolutely incredible. “Run, run, run away, buy yourself another day…” Taylor Swift’s song “Eyes Open” clearly comes from somebody who has read the books and understands what Katniss (the lead character) is going through while about to fight to the death on TV. “The Ruler and the Killer” by Kid Cudi honestly gives me chills especially if I listen to it while thinking about the books or the movie. I have to say most of the time the Twilight soundtracks are pretty amazing but The Hunger Games tops them in terms of finding the most PERFECT songs for the movie.

Best Tracks
Abraham’s Daughter (Arcade Fire)
Eyes Open (Taylor Swift)
Kingdom Come (The Civil Wars)